Best Color Light for Sleep Better

You may hear choosing the best color light for sleep impact to fall asleep even quicker. Various studies mentioned the importance of light during bedtime and how it affects your sleep routine.

There is a direct relationship between light and hormone production, whether it disturbs or stimulates you to sleep.

During night time it is better to avoid bright light before bed. It affects your sleep wake-up natural cycle. Most probably, people claim warm colors help to fall asleep fast than cool colors.

Let’s explain with more evidence on best and worst light colors that make you struggle to sleep during nighttime.

Best Color Light for Sleep

Best Color Light for Sleep Better and Quicker

In humans, the circadian system enables a nocturnal sleep phase that coincides with darkness and increases circulating levels of the pineal hormone melatonin.

Some studies suggested red light may help arouse you to sleep quickly, and other studies mentioned individual preference matters in color suggestion.

What Color LED Light is best for Sleeping?

Red Light

There are a lot of evidence colors coinciding with red stimulates the melatonin hormone.

A study examined Chinese female basketball players who received 30 minutes of exposure from a red light therapy every night for 14 days.

As a result, the players have a dramatic change in quality of Sleep, serum melatonin level compared to players not exposed to any light.

Finally, they concluded red light irradiation is a positive impact on preventing sleep disorders after training.

One more study concluded that red light at an intensity of greater than 10 lux influences quality sleep originating outcome.

Preferred Light Color Helps to Sleep Faster

A study examined for preferred light colors with lighting stimulator, using LED devices directly mounted on the ceiling of the room.

The color light stimulation used for the experiment are red, orange, yellow, green, blue, navy, and violet.

They set a room environment dark state for a general sleep environment that turned on the support lightning lamp, helping the Sleep.  The brightness of the dark state was 15 lux.

The preferred color light stimulation activates the parasympathetic nervous system most potently, contributing to a more stabilized state and, therefore, fall asleep quicker.

For this reason, it is believed that the preferred color light stimulation results in a faster sleep state.

Worst Color Light should avoid before bedtime.

One study found the worst light colors that impact your sleepiness even worse.

Humans are susceptible to green light, and the melatonin hormone is more readily lower down.

Another study found that both violet and blue light showed delayed Sleep every time.

Most experts concluded that blue light emitting things like LED lights, Electronic screens can harm your sleep quality.

Best Bedroom Colors for Sleep in Pleasant Mood

The colors in the bedroom make you feel calm and help in fall asleep.

When you enter the bedroom, the environment, color ease your mood, resulting in a good night’s sleep.

One research shows colors have many emotional impacts on intense, calm, active modes.

Brightness and low saturation create a soft feeling, whereas dimness and light saturation create a hard sense.

The warm color such as red and yellow are vivid and increase arousal more than cool colors such as green and blue.


Blue is the best color liked by most people, and it makes them calm and clear thoughts. It is a vital, non-stimulating color that produces huge melatonin and results in good quality Sleep.


The yellow color gives the mood of happiness, joyful and friendly. Light Pastel yellow gives you a feather touch and reduces stress, promotes better sleep.

It would be best to avoid Bright yellow because it lets the sunshine in and keeps you active and increases creativity.


Green has considered an emotional bonding color that gives the scene of calmness, peace, and universal love.

Some people believe shades of green, blue ends up relaxing and remind nature and its harmony.

Best Color light Promote Sleep for Babies and children.

A study was conducted to examine the impact of children and adults’ sleepiness levels with two light colors, yellow and whitish blue.

They found babies and children have melatonin suppression and sleepiness when exposed to blue and white light. They also advised using a warm light color for better Sleep.

As a result, they concluded that children had more significant melatonin suppression than an adult.

Essential factors that promote Sleep

Many factors help you to sleep better. Here I give some essential tips from morning to bedtime to fall asleep better each night.

1. Expose of sunlight during daytime.

2. Do any physical exercise early morning helps a lot.

3. Practice Viparita Karani and some other yoga poses for Sleep in the evening.

4. Try to lay on a comfortable sleeping position.

5. Should buy a soft to the medium-firm mattress.

6. Keep your bedroom quiet and pleasant.

7. Take a shower 90 minutes before Sleep.

8. Avoid large supper, alcohol, and caffeine before bedtime.

9. Avoid electronic screen, smartphone at night time.

10. Maintain proper sleep and wake-up time.


Many studies mentioned that exposure to blue light before bedtime impacts your melatonin levels and causes sleepiness.

Also, exposure to green and purple light creates difficulty to fall asleep.

It is better to sleep in a dark room and if you need any light, then keep a warm glow is the best choice during nighttime.